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I was 6 weeks pregnant

I was 6 weeks pregnant by that time I had a 4 month old baby girl I found out I was pregnant again and I kind of got happy but at the same time nervous how can I deal with a baby and be expecting again I said how I would deal with it very hard I told my boyfriend I was pregnant again and he didn't really like what he heard that broke my heart so I asked him you don't want this baby and he answered me that it was my option I answered him no I can't have it I got too much on me. I went to see a doctor and handed me a referral for an abortion. That's were everything began I used to cry every day counting the days of my abortion appointment I didn't want it to come. I used to sleep with my hand in my stomach. The main reason of my abortion was because my boyfriend he treated me so badly and cold never there for me or our newborn baby treated me horrible while I was pregnant by our baby that's when I told myself I can't have this baby I'm going to suffer again. My appointment came I went I cried in the room they did the abortion I woke up went home and at night it hit me badly. But I know for sure that after that day my life never has been the same I still remember my baby I didn't want to but it was my best choice at the time. I still cry and it has been 2 years

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